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For bacon-addicted celebs, there is no cure.

For bacon-addicted celebs, there is no cure.

Ey up guys.

Question for you... What do Liam Gallagher, Ed Milliband and Elvis Presley have in common?

Their love for a bacon butty has landed all of them in trouble. Here are their three tales. 

You gotta roll with it

Apparently, Jamie Oliver was forced to move house after being regularly harassed by Liam Gallagher demanding bacon butties after boozing at the pub over the street. In Liam’s own words… “On the way home, we’d be going, ‘He’s got some scran in there’. He’d come to his window and be going, ‘Liam, stop fucking about, I’m getting the kids to bed’. I’m going ‘Just chuck us down a couple of bacon sarnies!’ And then… he moves. The thing is, he’s moved to where I live now as well. I am a bit of a twat. Funny though, innit? I don’t wish them any harm”.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Cast your mind back to May 2015. Jeremy Clarkson had just punched his producer in a toxic temper tantrum that would bring the word fracas into our daily vocabulary. Simon Brodkin was planning a stunt in which he would shower corrupt FIFA boss Sepp Blatter with fake dollar bills. And you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off

Meanwhile, a fierce election battle was underway between David Cameron and Ed Miliband. Milliband appeared to have a slim margin in the polls… until an Evening Standard photographer caught an unflattering snap of him tucking awkwardly into a bacon sandwich. Twitter tucked into one thousand memes. Cameron tucked into victory just a few weeks later. 

Burning love (for bacon)

According to legend, Elvis Presley’s favourite snack was an entire hollowed-out loaf, stuffed with an entire jar of peanut butter, another jarful of jam (or ‘jelly’ as they call it across the pond) and a pound of bacon. Dubbed the ‘Fool’s Gold Loaf’, it seems delicious and indulgent in principle, but an absolute coronary waiting to happen in practice. Rumour has it that on the night of February 1, 1976, he was craving one so badly that he took his private jet from Graceland to Denver and back again just to get his hands on one. He washed it down with champagne though, just to keep things classy. Oh, and he was dead from a heart attack a year later.