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Introducing: the Bacon Butter Old Fashioned

Introducing: the Bacon Butter Old Fashioned

Saturday night 🤝 Sunday morning

Like a mad scientist whose lab contains nothing but bacon and booze, Le Swine’s founder James has been hard at work with his favourite mixologist buddies creating two new cocktails for the Le Swine online shop. As well as our signature Bloody Mary, you can now add on the fruity, just-the-right-amount-of-spicy Pineapple Margarita to your bacon butty order, or — our personal favourite — the Bacon Butter Old Fashioned. 

Pick your poison or add ‘em all to your cart and have yourself a little cocktail tasting in the comfort of your own gaff. 

The Bacon Butter Old Fashioned

Velvety-smooth Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, fat-washed with our legendary naughty, porky bacon butter. Imagine the best of a late Saturday night drinking cocktails meets the indulgence of a Sunday morning surrounded by papers and bacon sarnies… that’s the vibe. 


The Pineapple Margarita

Ok, this one’s a party starter: Ocho Tequila, fresh, fruity pineapple juice and agave, with an Aleppo chilli, lime and salt mix for the rim. We should warn you that they’re dangerously moreish. 


The Bloody Mary

Our recipe has been painstakingly honed as the ultimate morning-after antidote to your night-before poison. Made with top-notch British craft Vodka blended with tomatoes, pickle juice, sherry, miso, horseradish and a secret mix of spices.