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“Shove it up your 🍑”, and other stories...

“Shove it up your 🍑”, and other stories...

If you think something as innocuous as a bacon butty would escape the Facebook-keyboard-warrior-Karens’ crosshairs, you’d be very, very wrong. From sage rage to full-on rants, here is some of our favourite feedback this year on our ads, rated out of 5 of course. 

“you can shove that green shit up your arse. No bacon needs that shit on it!!! Bacon is bacon!!”

We can feel the passion here, but we don't encourage sage up the arse. Not the arse. 3/5.

"Or pop round to Aldi and save yourself 75% of the price. It’s a no brainer."

The only person stopping you, is yourself - 1/5

"I would have been tempted but the roll put me off. A - I hate onions and B - I HATE ONIONS. Overpowering IMHO”

This person clearly got pelted with onions as a kid. Which is upsetting. Points for niche reasoning - 2/5

"Anyone handing over the equivalent of £7 per person for the “ingredients” of a bacon roll that you have to cook at home deserves to have their pants pulled down and their arse slapped”

oooooh. Kinky. We likey - 5/5

"What a complete load of shite.”

Enjoyed this one. To the point. Could benefit from an ‘utter’ tho. Still a solid - 4/5

“Yeah but no. I’d rather a mediocre one from co op than spend that much”

Mediocrity is the spice of life. 1/5 for making us feel a lil' dead inside.


“£7 is a bit extreme. I think I’ll stick with Greggs. Even if I ask for extra bacon it’s still less than £4. Also, who is Les Wine?" 

Can someone let us know if Greggs actually offers extra bacon? Ta. Les. x