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The ultimate hangover survival guide for over 30s

The ultimate hangover survival guide for over 30s


Ey up guys,

As we know, there aren't many situations in life that can't be improved with a
bacon butty, and a hangover comes quite high on that list

But if you're over 30 and not a complete freak of nature you'll probably find that
it takes a bit more than a trip to your local greasy spoon to cure it. At this life
stage, hangovers aren't just physical, they're emotional.
(why are they so emotional now!?!)

Here's our step-by-step guide for feeling like a passable human being again
after a night on the sauce... skipping the obvious tropes like 'drinking water' and
'taking painkillers', because this isn't your first rodeo, is it?


1.  Take vitamins. Tablets are good, but the multi-vitamin electrolyte tablets that
dissolve in water like a Berocca are better. Drop one as soon as possible after waking up…. or even better, before you go to sleep with plenty of water

2.  Skip the coffee and opt instead for a ginger tea. Sounds a bit soft, but it'll soothe internal inflammation and reduce nausea, rather than giving you jitters and amping up your headache. Ideally, add a wedge of lemon, fresh ginger, and a bit of turmeric to a mug of boiling water to flush yourself out from the inside. Cheers.

3.  Channel your inner Wim Hoff with a cold shower or, even better, a swim. Yes
it's brutal, but if you can manage just 30 seconds immersed in cold water you'll feel absolutely super-human after... plus, the humbling experience of quivering under the cold tap while the hum of hangxiety rings around your skull will make you think twice before you do it again next time. I've had a few dips In cold water myself recently, honestly fuckin' terrific! Couldn't recommend it enough.

4.  Hit up your go-to bacon butty source. Whether it's your own frying pan, the local
greasy spoon, or your preemptively ordered Le Swine kit, now's the time to get that carby, bacon-fatty saviour down yer neck.

5.  Hair of the dog (in moderation) is the final step to normality. A Bloody Mary is
best, but a mimosa will also do the trick - anything that's juicy and refreshing with a wee kick. Just don't overdo it. One is the magic number here (possibly 2), otherwise you'll be digging yourself a deeper hole into hangover hell.

6.  Orrrr...Get on your sofa. Don't move. Don't speak. Turn Netflix on. Have a loved
one feed and water you all day. You owe them


God speed, Le Swiners.

See you on the other side x